Who We Are

Our story began nearly 30 years ago. It has been a rollercoaster journey, full of ups and downs. Still we achieved, dominated and revolutionized the Trading Sectors of Bangladesh and furthermore. We started with a glass trading company Monir Glass House in Malibag Dhaka. We have expanded and grown by the years and formed Madani.

Madani is among the leading traders in the Aluminium Profile and Glass industries. We have a long history of providing excellent dedicated service with pride and goodwill. Madani is the foremost and well known company in the market and imports the best quality products to sustain customer demands. Enriched by vast wealth of experience Madani has been serving the market for a very long period which makes Madani a trustworthy, honorable and distinguished company in the country.

As a great visionary, our honorable Managing Director, has started our own factory Madani HiTech Industries Ltd in the year 2005 in Tongi, Bangladesh. We do Glass Processing which includes Beveling and OG Glass Cutting among other techniques. We lay clients' customized and our own designs on glass to decorate homes which includes unique designed mirrors and door/windows partitions. We manufacture items like wheels, sliding door locks as well as other building materials, and have released our own brands which received recognition and wide acceptance in the market. Our products are of best quality and are often preferred over imported items of the same type. Madani collaborates with internationally recognised Nikki Thai Aluminium Industries Ltd to provide customers with top quality Aluminium Profile.

Our dynamic personnel are attentive to fulfill our goal which is to minimize our dependancy on imports, manufacture these products in Bangladesh and export to markets worldwide.

We hope to continue providing excellent services to customers and look forward to impact the economy of Bangladesh with our ideas and vision.